Dom Duarte pio, Duke of Braganza, sponsors fundraising to support flood victims in Brazil

HRH Dom Duarte Pio II, Duke of Braganza, as President of the King Manuel II Foundation, is sponsoring a fundraising campaign to support the flood victims in Brazil. The purpose is to show the solidarity of the Portuguese people with the flood victims in the State of Rio de Janeiro.
Approximately a month ago, torrents of mud and water set off by heavy rains left a trail of destruction through the mountainous Serrana region near the city of Rio de Janeiro, toppling houses, buckling roads and burying entire families as they slept. The mudslides swept away the homes of rich and poor alike in and around Teresopolis and other towns, likely causing billions of dollars in damage. But the brunt of the disaster was borne by poorer rural residents in houses built in risky areas without formal planning permission. The death toll from Brazil''''''''''''''''s devastating flooding has topped 800, with hundreds more missing, in the country''''''''''''''''s deadliest natural disaster on record.

The King Manuel II Foundation has opened an account (via Caritas Brazil) in order to transfer funds directly to the people in the affected areas in Brazil.

HRH Dom Duarte Pio has in fact stated that "500 years of friendship between Portugal and Brazil cannot leave us indifferent to this tragedy that has stricken our Brazilian brothers and sisters."


Account Information:

Crédito Agrícola - Terras de Viriato

Swift Number: 0045 3080 40241550962 70

Account Number: 40 241550962

Name of account: Apoio às vítimas inundações do Brasil


Francisco de Mendia

91 978 03 60

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