Dom Manuel II Foundation
The Foundation Dom Manuel II is a private, non-profitable institution of social and cultural solidarity, that carries out its activities in portuguese speaking communities all over the world.
Infante Dom Henrique Award
Portugal was the first european, non-english speaking country to adopt "The International Award for Young People" - Prémio Infante Dom Henrique. H.R.H., the Duke of Braganza is a founding member and president of honour of the portuguese version of the Duke of Edinburgh`s Award.


S.A.R. o Senhor D. Duarte, Duque de Bragança e Chefe da Casa Real Portuguesa

For years I have been following my Portuguese fellow compatriots, especially developing relationships with our communities abroad, so that future generations do not lose sight of their national roots.

In Portugal I have been sharing the joys and anxieties of the so often forgotten populations, especially those of the rural areas. My main concern has been the sustainable development of these areas of our Earth, always respecting the cultural and spiritual values of their origins.

Since childhood I have been commited to the protection of Nature and the balance of the environment and of our humanized landscape, which requirea the involvment of the whole Human community. In these fields, both Europenan and other Monarchies around the World have been providing their efficiency through their engagement with their local populations, enriching contemporary democracies by dimensions in which the Human existence is included.

I believe that Portugal would also benefit from this engagement, and this website will address these issues, as well as others you may wish to convey to me.

To be close to the Portugueses - This is my inheritance and to which I am truly commited.

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